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2019 EU Wind Turbine Technical Symposium

2019 European Technical Symposium

27th – 28th March
Location:  Manchester, UK

Event Details
ONYX InSight EU Symposium Join your peers from the wind energy sector at an invitation-only event, where we get to grips with the latest challenges and developments in O&M and life extension.

2018 EU Wind Turbine Technical Symposium

20th June
Location:  Nottingham, UK

Event Details
ONYX InSight US Symposium This is a technical only event, No OEMs, No exhibition and No sales pitches. Just highly qualified and experienced engineers imparting knowledge to help you understand your fleet, optimize spend on maintenance and minimize the risk of failures.

Third Annual Wind Turbine Technical Symposium

17th -19th September
Location: Golden, CO, USA

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WEBINAR:  Data access restrictions in wind: Are current practices anti-competitive?

20th September
Location:  GoToWebinar

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WEBINAR:  How to Go Digital Without The Pain: Key Lessons Learned in Digitalising O&M

21st August
Location:  GoToWebinar

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WEBINAR: The Cost of Major Failures in the Wind Industry – What to Expect in 2018 and How to Reduce Them

5th June
Location:  GoToWebinar

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