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How Adopting Digital Solutions Can Empower Your Fleet Management

Bringing together representatives from the Taiwanese wind energy industry (owners, operators, engineering teams, and faculties), ONYX InSight will provide an in-depth insight into how monitoring wind farm performance can enable better decision-making in O&M maintenance.

Thought leaders and industry peers from leading global organizations will discuss the latest wind energy trends and how digitalization brings change and opportunity to the industry. Having clarity of your turbine performance can transform your asset management.

This webinar will focus on sharing ONYX’s best practices and experience in onshore and offshore, specifically in predictive maintenance and its monitoring solutions, addressing technology solutions that save time and money while giving you a greater understanding of your fleet.

Key talking points:

  • How the wave of digitalization is supporting the management of aging assets
  • Analyzing with data such as SCADA, vibration, oil, and lost energy
  • Life extension
  • On / Offshore monitoring case studies
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