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Wind Turbine Drivetrain Training Courses

From how to use an endoscope and identify gearbox components, to interpreting data and understanding the health of your turbines.

Our Approach to Predictive Maintenance

The way to maximize the whole-life value of your assets is never unknown. Our unique software and engineering expertise, enables us to accurately predict component life and optimize maintenance cycles.


Wind Turbine Technician Gearbox and Main Bearing Training Courses


ONYX InSight is ready to educate your company’s technicians with everything they need to know for running an optimised drivetrain maintenance programme. Working with your site management, we will arrange the training to be specific to the turbines and OEM equipment in your fleet and to your specific needs. The training is held at your facilities, allowing your technicians to practice on the equipment they operate every day.

What does our typical training schedule include?

Day 1: Classroom based drivetrain training

Day 2: Uptower hands-on inspection training

Every class participant receives a bound copy of all training material, an excellent reference. Hands-on training will focus on borescope (endoscope) techniques to ensure that each technician has the ability to access all gears and bearings within the wind turbine gearbox and to capture clear images. The classroom training and reference material allow your technicians to correctly judge failure modes and to ascertain their severity. It’s more economical to send the trainer to you, however, we can organise facilities for training when needed.

For sites with condition monitoring systems, ONYX can couple the training with a turbine health assessment. If a failure is identified by the assessment, your technicians will have the opportunity to inspect for actual damage on your working turbine fleet. Typical turbine OEM’s where we can provide in-depth training include Siemens, Vestas, Gamesa, GE, Suzlon, Nordex, Senvion and Mitsubishi.


Course Content

Inspection best practices with hands on practice up tower

Wind turbine drivetrain fundamentals

  • Borescope report writing
  • Main bearing health assessment
  • Oil and grease sampling
  • Vibration data collection with portable systems (upon request)

Wind turbine drivetrain fundamentals

  • Drivetrain topography/terminology
  • Gearbox and main bearing design and construction
  • Grease and oil lubrication
  • Operation and maintenance (O&M)

Failure modes and root cause analysis (RCA)

  • Common wind drivetrain issues and mitigation strategies
  • Deep dive into known issues with turbines at site

Condition monitoring

  • Overview of data collection equipment
  • Vibration, SCADA and lubrication analysis
  • Report generation and interpretation

What our customers say


The drivetrain training was an excellent course with great detail and explanation on all aspects of the gearbox.  ONYX InSight’s drivetrain training is a superb course; very well delivered, with good, clear notes.  ONYX’s drivetrain training would be very hard to improve. An excellent course.

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