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COVID-19 Webinar: Managing the Looming Labour & Supply Chain Crunch

ONYX InSight are closely monitoring the situation around the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak. We are working around the clock with our clients and partners on how best to mitigate the impact of this crisis on the wind industry and operations.

Recently, we hosted a webinar session for owners and operators and engineering teams, where we shared an overview of results from an industry survey we have conducted among business leaders. This has provided broad insight into the impact to date for turbine operations and new project development – as well as what is expected to come.

In this webinar recording you will also learn about what steps are being taken across the industry to manage the upcoming labour and supply “crunch”, and as the crisis unfolds, what tools as an industry we have on hand to lessen the impact.

It is clear that the industry faces an unprecedented challenge for operations and maintenance for the remainder of 2020. Now, more than ever, we believe it’s critical that you not only monitor and track wind turbine performance, but that you proactively plan operations and maintenance schedules accordingly, as the previous turbine maintenance campaign schedules become rapidly outdated.

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