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The Predictive Maintenance Cycle

The predictive maintenance cycle is a continuous feedback loop that enables you to understand what goes wrong, when and where – then act on that analysis to refine maintenance programs, maximise long-term performance and minimise OPEX costs.

ONYX InSight supports you at every stage of the cycle. We collect, monitor and analyse your data in real time, which enables us to predict faults and make tailored maintenance recommendations. We then inspect your machinery at all life-cycle stages to inform improvements to asset management, quality assurance and problem resolution.



fleetMONITOR is a unique hardware-brand-independent software platform for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Your monitoring engineers can diagnose reliability problems quickly and effectively using the fleetMONITOR web application, analysing data from vibration CMS, SCADA, lubrication analysis, inspection and maintenance reports, all within a single software platform.

fleetMONITOR modules range from dashboard views for top level alarms and trends, through to detailed vibration analysis tools for the expert analyst.

With users and rotating machinery monitored around the world, fleetMONITOR is proven to save you money and improve O&M planning.


Industrial machinery and wind turbines around the world are connected to fleetMONITOR. The software platform interfaces seamlessly with your existing CMS hardware and wind turbine SCADA systems, no matter which vendor you may use.



ONYX InSight continuously analyses vibration and SCADA data from many gigawatts of assets worldwide. We provide routine condition monitoring services for a large number of global operators and utilities from our monitoring centres around the world using fleetMONITOR software.

fleetMONITOR makes our monitoring engineers’ jobs easier, and their feedback improves the software on a daily basis. Why is the software so good? Because we use it to monitor a huge number of rotating machinery every day and continuously improve and refine it. Why is the reporting so good? Because we have to generate a large quantity of reports every month and we streamlined the whole workflow so that all the engineers’ comments and recommendations are accurately communicated through the software.

Typical monitoring services include:

  • Routine vibration and SCADA analysis
  • Exception reporting
  • Regular support including expert interpretation and recommendations
  • Troubleshooting and failure root cause investigation



You gather huge amounts of data from your assets but making an informed decision is still very difficult. fleetMONITOR finally enables you to make effective O&M decisions based on the health of your assets – reducing risk and proven to save significant cost and time.

fleetMONITOR collects data from many systems into a single software platform and presents organised information to drive better O&M decisions.

Trying to run a site based on standalone software tools and countless PDF reports is not good. fleetMONITOR pulls data from third-party CMS, SCADA databases – whether machine-specific systems or from a central historian such as an OSIsoft Pi database – particle counters, lubrication analysis and maintenance/inspection data.

How does fleetMONITOR help me?

Site Managers

Site Managers

fleetMONITOR provides the visibility required to make better O&M decisions. Site managers understand the health of their assets and can forecast and plan upcoming maintenance.

Engineering Managers

Engineering Managers

fleetMONITOR allows engineering teams to drill down into problems and understand the root cause of failures. Engineers tell us that they are unimpressed by OEMS and other vendors just providing alarms with no explanation of the fault

Monitoring Engineers

Monitoring Engineers

fleetMONITOR allows engineers to monitor all their assets with one, easy to use piece of software. Monitoring engineers save a great deal of time and become more effective by not having to switch between multiple software tools.

Finance Director

Finance Director

fleetMONITOR detects faults early, meaning replacement parts and repairs can be planned well in advance at low cost. Downtime is minimised your machine is up and running. The quality of O&M forecasts increases and engineering teams no longer pay a premium for last minute repairs.

Features and Technical Specifications

fleetMONITOR software

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The fleet view

FleetMonitor screenshot - overview of all wind farms in the fleet

See an overview of all wind farms in the fleet. Each wind farm displays a simple notification of the number of red and yellow alarms, and users can see a live feed of updates and notifications such as new alarms or comments added by colleagues on the right hand side of this screen.

The dashboard

fleetMONITOR dashboard

From this dashboard, the user can see an overview of all turbines in a wind farm, along with their alarm status and a summary of all the alarms currently active for the site.

All ONYX InSight’s monitoring service customers use this dashboard to keep track of any current alarms on their turbines, as well as seeing and responding to live comments from the ONYX monitoring team.

Trends and health indices

fleetMONITOR screenshot showing high level trends

View high level trends indicating the progression of faults. ONYX InSight’s ‘health indices’ are powerful metrics that were developed over many years spent delivering condition monitoring projects and refining the best possible approaches to detecting wind turbine drivetrain faults.

Advanced vibration analysis

fleetMONITOR screenshot showing advanced vibration analysis

For condition monitoring engineers and vibration analysts, advanced tools allow detailed analysis of the raw vibration data. With a focus on easy to use yet extremely powerful tools, fleetMONITOR enables a small team of engineers to monitor many gigawatts of assets with just a few clicks.

Case Studies

fleetMONITOR examples and customer testimonials

CASE STUDY 1: Main bearing fault detection and grease flushing

Turbine type: Siemens 2.3 MW
CMS type: Gram & Juhl TCM
Monitoring software: fleetMonitor
Gearbox type: Winergy 4456

ONYX InSight monitored this wind farm using fleetMONITOR and detected a main bearing fault, 17 months before the repair took place.

4 months after initial detection, an inspection was performed and confirmed damage to the bearing – in this case moderate macropitting.

Following the inspection, the main bearing grease was flushed to extend the bearing’s life. After the flushing, the vibration health index stopped increasing so rapidly and the bearing continued to run without significant deterioration.

ONYX InSight continued to monitor this turbine closely. Shortly before the repair operation, the main bearing health index increased significantly and the turbine was stopped, preventing catastrophic damage.

CASE STUDY 2: Planet bearing fault detection

Turbine type: Vestas V80 2 MW
CMS type: ecoCMS by ONYX InSight
Monitoring software: Fleet Monitor
Gearbox type: Hansen/ZF EH804A

ONYX InSight’s ecoCMS systems were retrofitted to a wind farm in North America and monitored using fleetMONITOR software. A clear indication of a planet bearing fault was detected in fleetMONITOR and the wind farm operator was alerted by InSight’s monitoring team.

The fleetMONITOR screenshot opposite shows clearly the difference between the fault signature on the unhealthy turbine compared with that from a healthy neighbouring turbine.

Other CMS software is notoriously weak at detecting planet bearing faults, partly due to the complex and continuously changing vibration path, along with the slow speed of rotation, requiring appropriate sampling parameters and signal processing. fleetMONITOR is proven to excel at detecting these faults.

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