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ecoCMS - High performance affordable CMS

The Predictive Maintenance Cycle

ecoCMS is a key part of your Predictive Maintenance strategy – reliably delivering high quality data that allows you to understand the health of your assets.

Innovative CMS based on
Internet of Things (IoT)

Monitoring services with
minimal upfront cost

Flexible cloud-based
software platform



ecoCMS is a high performance, smart condition monitoring solution for wind turbines and industrial machinery. Developed based on many years of experience in condition monitoring and diagnostics, ecoCMS delivers high value for your business and is proven to reduce O&M costs. Condition monitoring using ecoCMS provides extremely long lead-times before component failure, offering significant savings in downtime and repair cost.

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Every aspect of our lives is dominated by digital technology – so why select a legacy CMS based on expensive analogue sensors and analogue electronics?

ecoCMS utilises powerful mobile computing technology combined with low cost MEMS sensors, alongside robust digital communications between the sensors and ecoCMS unit. Low power consumption means no moving fans that are known to cause poor reliability in the field.

ecoCMS shown with fleetMONITOR software platform



fleetMONITOR is a unique hardware-independent software platform for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

ecoCMS data is analysed through the fleetMONITOR web application. fleetMONITOR provides dashboard views for top level alarms and trends, through to detailed vibration analysis tools for the expert analyst.

Whether you wish to self-perform monitoring or require monitoring services from expert analysts, ONYX InSight can support you. ONYX InSight routinely monitors vibration and SCADA data from many gigawatts of assets worldwide from our Monitoring Centres around the world using fleetMONITOR software.

ecoCMS structure 2018



ONYX InSight can manage all aspects of your CMS installation programme – whether the installation is to be performed by your technicans, a preferred third party contractor or by ONYX InSight’s skilled engineers.

From liason with IT departments through to the installation of ethernet cables down tower and commisioning of the CMS units, we have all  tasks covered.

Safety is always our top priority and ONYX InSight’s strict internal standards ensure that ecoCMS installations are performed to the highest levels of safety and quality.

Case Studies

ecoCMS has an outstanding track record of installation and diagnostics on wind turbines ranging from sub-MW to large multi-MW machines across four continents

ecoCMS in situ

Main bearing example

ecoCMS vibration analysis
ecoCMS vibration analysis

Vibration analysis showing a main bearing fault (blue) and a healthy main bearing from a neighbouring turbine (green)

ONYX InSight inspection
Main bearing damage

Main bearing damage confirmed after ONYX InSight inspection

Planet bearing example

ecoCMS vibration analysis
ecoCMS vibration analysis

Vibration analysis of ecoCMS data showed clear indications of planet bearing damage

ONYX InSight Inspection
ONYX InSight - Image showing planet bearing inner race damage

Planet bearing inner race damage confirmed after ONYX InSight inspection

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