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Machinery Monitoring

Monitor machine performance and condition, minimize downtime and avoid costly failures.

Our Approach to Predictive Maintenance

The way to maximize the whole-life value of your assets is never unknown. Our unique software and engineering expertise, enables us to accurately predict component life and optimize maintenance cycles.

Leading technology in predictive maintenance


Using ONYX InSight monitoring equipment, or your existing SCADA, vibration and lubrication data, we help you to predict potential faults in your wind turbines, mining equipment or other large machinery. We deliver recommendations for maintenance and repair via tailored reports or an in-house technology transfer programme.

A full range of monitoring services

The ONYX InSight team provides a full range of monitoring services that are customized to your needs, including:

  • Daily monitoring
  • One-off monitoring for health assessment
  • Cloud-based hosting of data and predictive software
  • Interpretation of data from your existing systems – regardless of your monitoring hardware
  • Technology transfer programs to build your in-house capability
  • Estimating time to failure following estimation after initial damage

Wind Turbine Warranty Services

The Warranty Lifecycle: Where do your turbines fall?

Under warranty

Wind farms that are transitioning out of warranty require a robust strategy for future out-of-warranty operations. To gather data and build an understanding of turbines, many operators choose to monitor sites in parallel with their OEM – and many engage ONYX InSight to perform this in-warranty monitoring.

We offer an independent, non-biased view on the health of your wind turbines, enable a seamless transition to post-warranty monitoring, and ensure you have all the information you need before the end of warranty handover.

End of Warranty (EoW)

At end of warranty the owner needs to identify all damage and submit claims to the OEM. With a health assessment from Onyx Insight you can rest assured that all damage in main bearings, gearboxes and generators will be found, alongside any performance issues. Combined with our inspection service, the evidence for every warranty claim can be presented.

Out of warranty

For sites out of warranty, we provide a high-level monitoring service and also provide additional services such as detailed inspections, grease flushing, repair of CMS hardware and a detailed RCA of failed components. We can also provide the tools and technology to help you monitor in-house.

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