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Machinery Diagnostics

Advanced diagnostics to detect failures in rotating machinery. Proven in challenging low to medium speed, variable load applications.

The Predictive Maintenance Cycle

The predictive maintenance cycle is a continuous feedback loop that enables you to understand what goes wrong, when and where – then act on that analysis to refine maintenance programs, maximise long-term performance and minimise OPEX costs.

ONYX InSight supports you at every stage of the cycle. We collect, monitor and analyse your data in real time, which enables us to predict faults and make tailored maintenance recommendations. We then inspect your machinery at all life-cycle stages to inform improvements to asset management, quality assurance and problem resolution.

Low/medium and variable load applications

Machinery diagnostics services are commonly effective in higher speed and steady load conditions. The real challenge lies with slower speed machinery particularly under variable loading such as in wind turbines, shovels, draglines and other large equipment. ONYX InSight specialise in techniques that provide reliable early detection in rolling element bearings and gears (spur, helical, planetary) in these applications.

Large Bearing Diagnostics

Large bearings, such as 4-point contact slewing rings or double spherical roller bearings, can be very expensive to repair and often difficult to inspect. ‘Large’ generally means slow speed and often reversing direction and load. By developing special techniques for data pre-processing and applying both frequency and time domain diagnostics methods, ONYX have solved many of problems in large bearing diagnostics.

Challenging Diagnostics Problems

Bearings spinning in their housing? Stator wedges failing? Complexity of a multi-speed planetary transmission? Have a serial issue? We like challenging problems. ONYX InSight offer diagnostics development and rolls out solutions for industry where others have failed. Has your provider recently missed a few failures? We can help.


Five years before “big data” and “cloud” became the buzz, ONYX InSight was already there. A big advantage in modern diagnostics is the ability to deal with large data sets and build a complexity in diagnostics and alarms that was not previously possible. We run all our analysis on cloud servers with effectively limitless processing power compared to the size of the problems. That is how we have provided monitoring for over 5000 machines.

Explore first traditional methods, amplitude trending, enveloping and Cepstrum – do they solve the problem? Apply the right limits and metrics. Extend that with specialised time domain techniques. Sampling, preprocessing, order tracking are all important tools. We keep current on advanced methods such as spectral kurtosis and we choose the right tool for the diagnostic problem at hand.

Rotating machinery failures manifest themselves such that one set of diagnostic parameters may find a fault one time but miss it the next. At ONYX InSight we interleave many rules and manage the complexity within our specialised cloud software “Fleet Monitor”- a powerful ecosystem for world leading diagnostics.

Fleet Monitor Automates Diagnostic Reporting: Case shows planet gear crack, confirmed by inspection, later repaired

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