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Machinery Consulting

We don’t just fix your rotating machinery problems – we help you resolve them before they happen.

The Predictive Maintenance Cycle

The predictive maintenance cycle is a continuous feedback loop that enables you to understand what goes wrong, when and where – then act on that analysis to refine maintenance programs, maximise long-term performance and minimise OPEX costs.

ONYX InSight supports you at every stage of the cycle. We collect, monitor and analyse your data in real time, which enables us to predict faults and make tailored maintenance recommendations. We then inspect your machinery at all life-cycle stages to inform improvements to asset management, quality assurance and problem resolution.

Failure root cause analysis (RCA)

Our expert engineering team helps you quickly find the root cause of your drivetrain failures. We look for evidence from many sources to support a swift, robust analysis, which may include:

  • Machinery inspections
  • Factory teardown
  • Oil and grease analysis
  • SCADA data analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Metallurgical analysis
  • Gear / bearing alignment, load, strength and life analysis

Bespoke instrumentation and measurement

As well as offering world-class solutions for measuring drivetrain vibration, ONYX InSight provides bespoke instrumentation and measurement services. Whether a custom measurement or a more routine case, we can provide the equipment, installation, data and analysis to resolve your issue.

Common measurement projects include:

  • Strain gauging and data acquisition for planetary gear tooth load distribution
  • Design of custom tower strain measurement systems to assess wind turbine tower bending
  • Blade strain gauging for blade root load measurement in wind turbines
  • Gearbox mount motion measurement via displacement transducers
  • Gearbox housing motion measurement via displacement transducers

Get in touch to talk about how we can meet your unique measurement and instrumentation requirements.

Rotating machinery engineering

Do you have a specific engineering challenge that you would like to solve?

ONYX InSight is a recognised market leader in rotating machinery design and has experience finding solutions at thousands of projects worldwide.

Some of the projects we have worked on include:

  • Re-engineering, upgrades and manufacturing drawings for aftermarket gearbox refurbishment
  • Redesigning a turbine pitch bearing for an out-of-production wind turbine
  • Analysing wind turbine main bearing contact mechanics to extend life
  • Designing a compression band to reinforce slewing ring bearings
  • Developing transient dynamic drivetrain models and simulations to evaluate torque limiting component behaviour
  • Developing a procurement specification for refurbished gearboxes and auditing suppliers
  • Analysing and designing bearing bore position compensation to correct gearbox thermal expansion and deflection under load
  • Providing mechanical design and manufacturing support for a 2MW drivetrain test stand
  • Determining effect on de-rating (and uprating) on gearbox life

Whatever your issue, we will work with you to scope a solution, and provide the engineering resources to carry it out. Talk to one of our consultants to discuss your needs.

Maintenance Practice Consulting

Are you looking to improve your maintenance practices and reduce your long- term Operations & Maintenance (O&M) costs?

ONYX InSight can provide an expert perspective to support a review of your business practice and develop a tailored improvement programme.

Reactive to Preventive to Predictive

Optimising your Wind Turbine Maintenance Programme.

Reducing Downtime

Fault analysis pinpoints the largest sources of downtime, enabling efforts to be targeted and ‘quick wins’ to be identified.

Increased Generation

Underproducing wind turbines are identified and production improvements are made.

Transitioning from Preventive to Predictive Maintenance

The highest cost areas for improvements are identified. Predictive programmes are planned that have the most impact in these areas.

Reducing Failures

Unreliable parts are identified and upgrades are made to substandard lubrication and monitoring systems.

Reduce Climbs and Total Man Hours

Implementing ONYX InSight’s maintenance software, Field Pro, is used to reduce the time and cost of troubleshooting. This leverages O&M data from the cloud.

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