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Collect field data clean
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Stay in control of field
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Mitigate safety risks

Empower field team with O&M
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Data-driven O&M with fieldPRO

Developed by ONYX InSight, fieldPRO is a mobile & web, cloud-based inspection and service tool that maximises the safety and efficiency of rotating machinery and equipment inspections. With ONYX InSight’s engineering expertise built-in, it makes the transition from pen and paper to digital recording easy, opening the door to a fully digitalised O&M approach.

” We applied fieldPRO to our 150MW wind farm End of Warranty inspections. Normally it takes 3-4 weeks to complete the reportingm I took 72 hours with fieldPRO “

Russel Thomas, Head of O&M

” fieldPRO is the dream tool for our for EOW inspections, retrofits and other field services”

Curt Eliason, VP Specialty Service

” Really, really good.
fieldPRO allows us to do more services in a day and usually we would be waiting for three of four days for a report if we got it at all.”

Green Energy Wind


We Designed fieldPRO for Both Managers and Field Engineers

Data is ready to use, no cleaning, out of the box!

  • Collect field data clean first time
    Failure mode dropdown menu based on ISO/AGMA standard and ONYX O&M
  • Built in digital models
    Images, failure modes, engineer’s comments are automatically mapped with components
  • Integrate with other field tools
    Borescope, drone and thermal image cameras

Empower Field Team with O&M Expertise in Cloud Software

  • Get more done with built-in best practice processes
  • Save time writing field reports: from hours to seconds
  • Great results, right away from new and inexperienced staff

Stay in control of field operations at your desk

  • Instant visibility over major findings and health and safety issues
  • Enable real time support
  • Data ready for search and analysis
  • Make a data-driven O&M decisions

Mitigate Safety Risks

  • Validate compliance to LOTO and PPE procedures via GPS and time-stamped data
  • Track PPE and tools

Track Record

We Designed fieldPRO for Both Managers and Field Engineers


Wind farms

Wind turbine models

EDF Renewable Services partners with ONYX InSight to streamlind End of Warranty inspections

EDF Renewable Services (EDF RS) extensive turbine and operations experience coupled with Romax’s drivetrain knowledge and Field Pro technology, allow for high quality inspections of the nacelle and drivetrain, while significantly reducing manual reporting time.

On a recent End of Warranty (EOW) project, ONYX InSight and EDF RS partnered to perform full scope inspections on over 100 wind turbines. To eliminate the tedious administrative work required to generate inspection reports, the team utilized fieldPRO, ONYX InSight’s mobile service and inspection application.

Reduce the amount of time and rework associated with generating high quality End of Warranty (EoW) inspection reports.

fieldPRO service and inspection app and web portal for reducing wind turbine inspection and reporting time.

ONYX InSight’s fieldPRO significantly reduces the time spent manually creating inspection reports and allows for real-time communication between engineering management and field technicians, resulting in less rework and increased consistency in reporting.


“fieldPRO was easy to use and it guided me through the End of Warranty inspection process from start to finish. After the inspections were completed, fieldPRO converted the pictures I took and comments I wrote into a report and sent it to the project manager. I didn’t have to spend time in the evening renaming photos, writing reports, or uploading files.”

David Feldkamp
Project Deployment & Support Technician, EDF Renewable Services

“ONYX InSight’s technical expertise and high quality inspection reports from fieldPROTM software were a major factor in GME’s decision to partner with ONYX InSight. We have engaged ONYX InSight  for this type of work for over 4 years and will continue to do so.”

Josh Alvarado
Plant Manager GME

QA/QC inspection using fieldPRO saved over 400,000 USD for Globeleq Mesoamerica Energy

GME has been supported by ONYX InSight for 4 years at operating sites with root cause analysis, turbine inspections and as the drivetrain expert for the end of warranty settlement  – with a good outcome for GME. Due to this experience GME sought ONYX’s rotating machinery expertise prior to site construction to reduce the risk of operational issues and ensure product compliance on the Altamira, Campos Azules, Vientos de la Perla and Vientos de Miramar projects.

Identify potential problems and component issues in the nacelles prior to loading and shipment to the wind farms without disturbing the assembly process and shipping schedule; Report critical issues within 24 hours. Deploy multiple teams to the factory and the wind project sites for inspections with very short notices.

Using the expertise of ONYXInSight’s drivetrain consulting team, enable the client to plan and execute due diligence including all relevant quality documentation on manufacturing, assembly and test. Deploy engineers to thoroughly inspect compartments preshipping. Assist GME in finding resolution on found issues with O&M.

With the QA/QC inspection support of ONYX InSight, GME was able to mitigate risk to the project of future failures due to quality problems in manufacturing and assembly. One mitigated issue had savings of $400,000 for the project.

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