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Field Pro mobile app

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The Predictive Maintenance Cycle

The predictive maintenance cycle is a continuous feedback loop that enables you to understand what goes wrong, when and where – then act on that analysis to refine O&M programs, maximise long-term performance and minimise OPEX costs.

ONYX InSight supports you at every stage of the cycle. We collect, monitor and analyse your data in real time, which enables us to predict faults and make tailored maintenance recommendations. We then inspect your machinery at all life-cycle stages to inform improvements to asset management, quality assurance and problem resolution.

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Data-driven Wind Farm Management

Visualise Observed Issues With a Single Click

Check damage progress visually by comparing inspection photos of current year to previous years with a single click. You can check the distribution of common issues by viewing all issues on a single screen instantly and prioritize O&M efforts based on the field data.

Create an Issue Punch List For All Your Wind Turbines

Generate a punch list of full issues from all inspected or serviced wind turbines and farms with one click. It can be exported to spreadsheets.

Maximum Productivity

Save Your Time Writing Field Reports: 2 hours to 0

A report is created instantly when an inspection result is submitted on mobile app.

Keep Your Report Quality Consistent

Select issues from the Possible Failure Mode List with 300+ inspection components described in professional terms that are pre-configured in the software: no need for typing. You can avoid using varying terms to describe same issues.

Focus on High Priority Items by Sharing Findings

Common failure modes are suggested based on the intelligence accumulated in our database. Find common failure modes across your entire fleet.

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Assurance of Safe Work

Review Your JSA on Your Mobile Device

All team members can confirm that they have reviewed the daily JSA. Any updates to the JSA will be made in Field Pro. No need to worry about out dated paperwork.

Record of Proper LOTO and PPE Procedures

All team members can confirm that they have completed LOTO properly and are utilizing proper PPE and will have visual evidence.

Environmental Remediation

Visual evidence of any spills and of the corresponding clean-up effort.

Teamwork With No Delay

Onsite Work

Multiple people can work on a single turbine simultaneously and share progress. Any work submitted from various devices is merged automatically.

Office Supervision

Managers can monitor the progress of field work and provide comments real-time while the team remains on the turbine. Managers can review/release reports on the same day the inspection is completed. There is no longer the hassle of sending photos and documents via email. Share your report anywhere in the world.

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We Designed Field Pro for Both Managers and Field Engineers


Field Pro Web Portal

For site managers and
engineering experts offsite

Field Pro mobile app

Field Pro Mobile App

For field engineers and
inspectors on site.

Field O&M Data at Your Fingertips

Aggregated Issue Punch List

It takes just one click to generate a full issues punch list from all service and inspected wind turbines.
Users can search, sort and filter the issues.
All data can be export to excel, CSV.

Issue Gallery

Search and visualize massive field data using Issue Gallery.
Discover answers for the question like ;

  • Which gearboxes are suffering low oil levels?
  • How has bearing damage progressed in the last four years

Inspection and Service Checklist with Expert Knowledge Embedded

The software comes with service and inspection best practice developed by 5+ GW first-hand wind O&M experience of ONYX InSight.

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • End of warranty inspection
  • Pre/Post commissioning inspection
  • Major component inspections
  • Environmental health and safety

Integrate with Your Tools

Borescope Data Import

Import gearbox and bearing borescope images into Field Pro.
Imported data is automatically labeled, organized, and merged with other Field Pro data.

Integration with CMS and SCADA Monitoring Systems

Inspection reports and maintenance actions can be uploaded into Fleet Monitor, with notifications sent to the monitoring team, to complete the feedback loop.

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Synchronised Team Work with No Delay

Multi-Device Support

Multiple people can inspect single turbines simultaneously. Results are merged automatically with the database.

Data Synchronization through WIFI and 3G

Result are uploaded to cloud via background synchronization.

If users want to minimize data bandwidth usage, the mobile app will sync all text data (comment, rating) only to the server at 3G/4G network. Large size image data is synced when WIFI network is available.

Offline Availability

Field Pro mobile app has an inbuilt local database, allowing users to perform any task without live internet connection.

Review and Edit Report on Web Portal

Access Report in Real-Time on Web Portal

Supervisors can review the result on the web portal as soon as the ‘submit’ button is pressed at the mobile device.

Provide comments and ask for more details before the team leaves the turbine. Supervisors can review/release the report on the same day the inspection is completed. No hassle with emailing photos, documents.

Edit and Approve Report on Web Portal

There is no need to use MS word or excel to edit reports. Users can edit the report directly on the web portal, enabled by the latest web technology.

Multiple reviewers can access and edit the report simultaneously from anywhere in the world.

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