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Third Annual Wind Turbine Technical Symposium

Engage with the industry peers. Keep up to date with the latest reliability and O&M challenges

Third Annual Wind Turbine Technical Symposium

17th – 19th  September
Location: Golden, CO, USA

The Third Annual Wind Turbine Technical Symposium is an exclusive invitation-only event for turbine owners, research and educational institutions aiming to provide an in-depth insight into wind farm performance, and empower attendees to use this knowledge to manage their assets more effectively and efficiently.

Participate in panel discussions on turbine issues. Hear experiences from other owners invited to present their perspective. Leave with plans to improve your fleet operations.

Hear from Industry O&M and reliability experts, including:

  • Alistair Warwick, VP Fleet Services, BP Wind Energy
  • Byron Jesse, Director of Commercial Renewables Central Ops., Duke Energy
  • Patrick Kincaid, Sr. Manager of Engineering and Technical Services for NRG
  • Tristan Lee, Performance Engineer, AES Corporation
  • Gillian Howard, Global Director Due Diligence Services, AWS True Power
  • Jon Keller, Senior Engineer, NREL
  • Aaron Greco, Principle Investigator, Argonne National Labs
  • ONYX InSight Wind Turbine Engineering Team

Fresh agenda for 2018 with new topics and themes:

  • Fire in Wind Turbines: Case review – drivetrain failures causing turbine fire
  • Conducting fire investigations
  • Technical analysis from repowering projects
  • Benchmarking results for OPEX costs across North American projects
  • Lubrication: Impact on reliability and lubricant monitoring
  • Extracting value from turbine condition monitoring
  • Technician training for optimal drivetrain maintenance and repair
  • Sharing experiences for failures in rotating components

          See full agenda here >>

Invited Speakers

Alistair Warwick

Alistair is the Vice President of Fleet Services for the Wind Energy business with responsibility for the engineering, technical services, performance analytics, technology development and the remote operating center that support BP’s wind farms across the USA.  Alistair joined BP in 2012 as the Western Hemisphere Concept Development Engineering Manager within the Global Projects Organization.  Prior to joining BP, Alistair was the Operations Director for Atkins’s oil & gas business in the Americas and a member of the Atkins Global Energy Business Board.   Prior to Atkins, Alistair worked for Single Buoy Moorings and British Gas in a range of engineering roles.  Alistair has over 25 years’ experience in onshore and offshore projects and operations and has worked in Europe, Asia and North & South America.  Alistair has a broad experience base covering engineering, technology, operations and business management.

Dr. Timothy L. Morse

Dr. Timothy L. Morse is a Senior Managing Engineer at Exponent, Inc. in Natick, MA. Dr. Morse is a licensed professional engineer in mechanical engineering and a certified fire and explosion investigator. He specializes in the engineering analysis and experimental testing of thermal and flow processes and equipment. Dr. Morse also applies his expertise to the investigation and prevention of fires, explosions, and equipment failures. He has conducted fire origin and cause investigations in structures, vehicles, industrial facilities, and wind turbines. Dr. Morse is also a member of the Wind Standards Committee for the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). Prior to joining Exponent, Dr. Morse was a graduate researcher in the Fluid Dynamics Research Laboratories at Cornell University.

Tristan Lee

Tristan Lee, an Engineer in the Asset and Performance Management group of AES, has spent the last decade on wind turbine optimization for AES wind projects in the US with a local focus on the Buffalo Gap Wind Farms near Abilene Texas.  Tristan is responsible for monitoring site performance, providing diagnostic reports and supporting engineering initiatives for various technologies currently including Vestas, GE, Siemens, and Mitsubishi wind turbines. Tristan has several patent claims pending for his work with wind resource assessment and wind-turbine performance optimization.  He studied wind energy technology along with automation and robotics at Texas State Technical College.

Matt Brezezinski

Matt has been working in the wind industry for 9 years in various roles as a hands-on field engineer.  Upon graduating from Michigan State University, he had joined the Service organization at Siemens Wind Power as a Field Service Engineer. In 2010 he moved to Colorado and joined the Boulder R&D team as a Prototype Turbine Systems Engineer and then eventually a Field Test Engineer focusing on commissioning, testing, and validating prototype turbines and systems.

Matt joined Pattern Energy as a Reliability Engineer in August of 2017. His primary focuses are overseeing the Siemens turbine fleet at Pattern and the Blade Maintenance Program across all platforms.

Jon Keller

Jon joined NREL in August 2011 and leads several wind turbine and marine hydrokinetic drivetrain research and testing efforts focused on improved performance, efficiency and reliability. The projects range from in-depth research investigations to full-scale prototype performance validation conducted in NREL dynamometers or field turbines. Prior to NREL, Jon worked for the U.S. Army for 10 years developing condition monitoring systems to reduce the cost and maintenance burdens while increasing availability and safety for Army Apache, Blackhawk, Chinook, Little Bird and Kiowa Warrior helicopters. He holds B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from Penn State University in Aerospace Engineering.

Josh Alvarado

Josh Alvarado is currently the Plant Manager for the Orosi, La Perla, and Miramar Wind Plants in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Originally from West Texas, Josh joined the wind industry in 2006, initiating as a turbine technician on the GE 1.5MW platform.  Josh received extensive training and certification from the GE Learning Center in Schenectady, NY, and soon after, worked with a prominent independent service provider, as a Quality Control and Acceptance technician. During this time, Josh gained significant experience in the construction, mechanical assembly, commissioning, and troubleshooting of wind turbines.  In 2010, Josh began his international career with CMI Energia, Wind and Solar, in the Central American region.  Here, Josh has worked as Construction Manager of the largest wind plant in Central America, the Cerro de Hula Wind Farm, in Honduras (G87x51x2MW).  This first of its kind, and over $300M wind plant was built within time and budget constraints, and continues to be one of the most exemplary projects in the region.  Soon after, Josh worked as a Construction Manager for the EOLO de Nicaragua Wind Plant in Rivas, Nicaragua (G90x22x2MW).  Josh also helped merge the plant into a successful operation phase where he served as Plant Manager for one year.  In 2014, Josh managed the construction of the Orosi Wind Plant, and helped supervise the turbine assembly for the La Perla and Miramar Wind Plants in Costa Rica.  Josh has been acting Plant Manager of these three plants since April of 2016.

The Event and Attending

Held at the Golden Hotel, overlooking scenic Clear Creek and the Rocky Mountain Foothills is in the heart of downtown Golden, Colorado. Just 45 minutes from Denver Airport.

To request an invitation, please contact:

Alex Tusia

T.  +1 303-351-5418 | M. +1 774-571-5348

Attendance fees are $400 per person.

“Comprehensive program of education blended with real world experiences.”

Emil Muroz, AWS

“As advertised, no marketing or sales program.”

Dushyant Tank, Pattern Energy

”Very informative … a good networking opportunity.“

Donald Crane, Record Hill Wind

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