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Data Access in Wind Energy

Are you getting full access to the turbine performance data you need

As the wind industry faces up to a post-subsidy future, keeping operations and maintenance (O&M) costs low is key to safeguarding project returns. Currently, owners and operators are facing the issue of limited access to their wind turbine performance data that would help them achieve this. We at ONYX are bringing together an industry group and launching a series of reports to promote more open data access across the industry.

Digital hardware, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning are four technologies that together are helping to revolutionise how the wind energy sector works. Using data collected from wind turbines, they are able to anticipate the operational performance of a turbine in the medium term and predict wear, tear and breakdown. While these technologies are powerful, the benefits they provide to their users are, in the end, set by the types of data they are fed and the quality of that data.

Thinking About Tomorrow calls on owners and operators to recognise that digital technology, often seen as a threat to operational teams, actually promises to improve data collection and monitoring and deliver more powerful analysis that will increase the value engineering teams bring to turbine management, as well as improving overall profitability for owners. In this whitepaper, we outline some of the benefits that owners and operators stand to gain from a better understanding of their machinery.

Restrictions on access to operational turbine performance data are limiting the wind industry’s ability to reduce its O&M costs. At present asset owners and operators face significant challenges in accessing this data, as there is no clear approach to data access across equipment suppliers.

Standing in the Way of Control encouraged owners to secure full access to the data their wind turbines produce, to help them optimise the performance of their portfolio. Better data access across the board can lead to incremental gains, but there are also giant strides to be made if owners and operators can obtain a better view of just a handful of critical data streams. This whitepaper looks at all the operational data streams wind farm operators need, outlines to what extent each of these is important for successful analysis and operation, and finally gauges how accessible this data really is for equipment owners in light of manufacturer restrictions.

Join our Data Access Working Group

The working group brings together stakeholders from across the wind energy sector with a view to raising awareness of and tackling this obstacle to effective, profitable operation.

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