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3rd fleetMONITOR User Group Forum

The 3rd fleetMONITOR User Group Forum was hosted by our Head of Global Monitoring, Noah Myrent with the support of the ONYX global monitoring team.

In this forum, we presented several examples and case studies involving maintenance planning and optimisation, as well as Q&A and open discussion about best practices using fleetMONITOR with a team of experts with experience analyzing over 20 GW in wind turbine predictive maintenance.

The aim is to bring together the software’s users and stakeholders from the wind industry to share experiences and learn more about how to maximise condition monitoring ROI.

Topics for the 3rd fleetMONITOR User Group Forum included:

  • Condition monitoring applications for managing a batch of component replacements
  • How to optimize generator replacements through predictive maintenance
  • Condition monitoring and case management: the ONYX software methodology
  • Machine learning analytics for a wind farm health assessment
  • Q&A: Ask the experts about all things fleetMONITOR
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