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Wind power industry epitomizes relevance of data in new economy

The UK’s Daily Telegraph’s recent analysis of the value of big data used the wind power industry to showcase the risks involved in restricted data access. The article featured ONYX InSight as shining a light on the turbine operators’ performance data that is being restricted by manufacturers. In the article, Journalist Juliet Samuel states:


What we really need to understand this new economy is not blunt measures of ‘excessive’ big tech profits, but painstaking analysis of the new industries emerging as a result of technological change. Who owns what? How is the power balance shifting? Are the current rules conductive to broad-based productivity growth?

Samuel continues, … By monitoring the temperature, precise angle, speed, vibrations and the composition of lubricants after use and so on, an engineer drawing on data analysis can fix turbines before they break down, rather than having to perform expensive blanket checks (not easy in an offshore plant) or only deal with a problem once it has resulted in failure. Yet of the 11 leading players in the turbine market, seven of them give their customers absolutely no access to this data at all and a further four give only limited access.

The article goes on to describe how ONYX InSight is shining a light on the challenges turbine operators face when the performance data of their turbines is restricted by manufacturers.

“As you might expect, it has been left to a business trying to operate in the middle of this market to raise the issue. ONYX InSight is a British firm based in Nottingham and employing an unusual combination of engineers and data analysts, whose expertise, it boasts, can cut wind farms’ operating costs by up to 17%. They can only do so, however, if they can access the right data.”

Read the full article from The Daily Telegraph online here >>

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