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Live Report Application: Keep up to date with the latest data trends and alarms

Live Report is a new app from ONYX InSight which allows users to quickly see the health of each asset ranked using an overall reliability-based risk score. The overall risk score takes all available data streams (such as vibration, temperature, lubrication, and inspection data) and produces a single risk value to help focus O&M decision making. Users can turn on/off data streams or assign weighting values to emphasise different failure indicators and create a personalised overall risk score tailored to their asset portfolio.

As well as a tracking the overall risk score for assets, Live Report keeps the user up to date with the latest data trends and inspection photos underlying alarms. With a single click the user can see the latest vibration trend for a progressing Main Bearing issue and provide feedback to monitoring or inspection teams through comments linked to auto-emails. The tool integrates seamlessly with fieldPRO, ONYX’s leading inspection app, such that the latest inspection photos are available for contextualising critical alarm trends and empowering optimised O&M decision making.

Case Study
An operator of a medium size wind farm has access to four data streams valid for O&M decision making: (1) Turbine inspection photos, (2) Lubrication analysis reports, (3) Vibration data, (4) Temperature data. Due to the nature of the inspection and lubrication reports, the operator knows these 2 data streams generate a large number or yellow and red alerts which tend to have a low priority relative to the vibration and temperature data streams. In this case, the operator uses Live Report to place increased weighting on alarms based on Vibration and Temperature data streams and a much lower weighting on inspection and lubrication data. The result is an overall risk score which better reflects priorities across the fleet and can help guide O&M decision making more effectively.



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