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The future of European wind O&M: take part in our poll

On 26th-29 March, ONYX InSight held its Annual European Technical Symposium in Manchester, UK.

The symposium included a number of seminars from industry leaders focusing on the challenges the European wind sector faces as existing assets advance in age, and new infrastructure increases in scale and complexity. The discussion among attendees offered valuable recommendations and insights for advancing operations and maintenance programmes.

At the event, a poll was also taken to gather the view of asset and operations managers on these major challenges in the European wind market and how these can most effectively be addressed.

The areas of discussion included:

  • How to optimise operations offshore
  • Ensuring safety in multi-contract scenarios
  • What exactly is O&M best practice and how can it be achieved?
  • How to use machine learning to improve wind turbine diagnostics and prognostics
  • Realising business value through cloud solutions
  • Lessons learnt in large-scale predictive maintenance

The poll results from the symposium produced some interesting insights into the future of the wind energy O&M market.

Click here to take part in the poll and see the results >>

The poll found that merchant risk is the most significant factor when deciding on your long-term O&M strategy. This was followed up by digitalisation. Interestingly, none of the wind farm owners, operators, principle engineers, lead technicians and researchers in attendance considered OEM’s “multi-brand” service offering as a significant factor when deciding on their long-term strategy.

Additionally, it was found that, aside from the gearbox, the main bearing and pitch bearing were the turbine components resulting in the highest O&M costs on wind farms across Europe. Only 3% of attendants considered the tower as a high area of O&M cost.

It was agreed among attendees that improved diagnostics through data analysis was the highest potential area of O&M cost savings in European wind. It was also agreed that service contracts re-negotiation was a key area where O&M costs can be saved.

Owners and operators in European wind who attended the technical symposium believe that there will be an increasing need for third-party expertise in data analytics.

Interestingly, the increasing attention being paid to the life extension of wind turbines was reflected in the poll results also – 23% of attendees suggested that life extension is an area of expertise which there will be an increasing need for.

Now, we’d like to share the poll results we have generated during our EU Symposium and also give you the chance to voice your opinions on these topics.

Click here to take part in the poll and see the results >>

We invite you to get involved. If you couldn’t make it to the European Technical Symposium in Manchester this year, then you still have the chance to voice your opinions on the future of O&M in European wind.

ONYX InSight’s next Technical Symposium will be taking place in Tokyo, Japan on Friday 24th May. Click here to find out more here>>

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