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ONYX InSight is proud to be accredited under BP’s Advancing Low Carbon programme for its second year

We are pleased to announce that ONYX InSight has been certified under BP’s Advancing Low Carbon (ALC) accreditation programme.

The ALC programme is part of BP’s commitment to meet the world’s growing energy demand, while at the same time reducing carbon emissions. Accreditation recognizes BP partners who go above and beyond in supporting BP’s ambitions to advance the energy transition.

ONYX InSight has been recognized as a result of the improvements it has made to its customers’ turbine performance – enabling increased production of wind energy and, by displacing demand for energy from fossil fuels, saving emissions equal to 76,500 tonnes of CO2-equivalent in 2018.

To receive the ALC mark, an activity must meet rigorous requirements and be independently assured by BP’s assurance partner, Deloitte LLP.

These requirements include measurably delivering better carbon outcomes, which are intended to be irreversible, and going beyond what is required to meet carbon emissions regulations.

BP estimate that since 2017, ALC activities delivered by BP and BP partners have saved or offset almost 58 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent.

Find out more information about how the ALC programme works here >>

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