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ONYX InSight Reliability Dashboard

Powerful Analytics + Configurable Dashboards = Reliability Heaven

We believe that with powerful analytics and configurable dashboards, asset owners can achieve reliability heaven.

The ONYX Reliability Dashboard is the latest addition to ONYX InSight’s predictive analytics software platform sitting beside our industry-leading tools for asset monitoring and inspections – fleetMONITOR and fieldPRO.

Through years of providing value-adding engineering consultancy focused on utilising SCADA data to diagnose reliability issues across wind farms, ONYX have identified powerful health indices for enabling efficient predicative analytics. Underpinning these health indices is a unique mixture of traditional, rock-solid statistical approaches as well as our next generation of machine learning based indicators.

Combining powerful SCADA-based analytics with a fully configurable dashboarding interface, the ONYX Reliability Dashboard puts the user in complete control of their wind turbine data. The tool can be infinitely tailored to user needs using drag and drop functionality. Users can set time windows for data reporting, select drill-down features to explore data in depth, and set auto-reporting for a range of metrics.

With granular permissions for defining user groups within your organisation and optional dark or light themes, the dashboard is fully adaptable to user preference.

Get in touch to find out more about the various dashboard panels and user interface options included in the ONYX Reliability Dashboard.

Sign-up now for a trial of the ONYX Reliability Dashboard and start generating real value from your reliability data.

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