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European Technical Symposium: Take part in our poll

On the 19th-20th of June, ONYX InSight hosted its European Wind Turbine Technical Symposium at the University of Nottingham Innovation Park, bringing together over 50 asset and operations managers.

The event saw a number of industry insights shared by various speakers and a poll was taken to gather the views of attendees on the major operational challenges being faced in the wind industry and how these can best be tackled. Now, we’d like to give all of you who weren’t in attendance the opportunity to voice your opinions by taking part in our online version of the poll.

At the symposium, asset and operations managers voiced their opinions on a range of industry issues. Throughout the day, delegates were asked to respond to a number of questions about the key concerns faced by asset and operations managers. Whilst only 9% of symposium attendees were able to predict that France would win the World Cup, the survey did result in some valuable insights into the future of the wind energy O&M market.

The poll found that attendees agreed that larger and more efficient turbine technologies would be a key driver in reducing the wind industry’s levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and ensuring it remains competitive with other energy sources.

Additionally, the majority of delegates cited a need for higher-quality data to improve the reliability of their organisation’s assets, in addition to discussing the role of asset monitoring, early failure detection and advanced maintenance scheduling in increasing the efficiency of turbine fleets. Difficulties collecting this higher-quality data, as well as a need for better qualified and more experienced technicians, were identified as the leading challenges that exist in the field.

The importance of being able to accurately predict when a gearbox component might fail, and of securing longer lead times to allow for proactive repair or replacement was also agreed upon by attendees of the symposium.

Equally, more than half of those present said they thought owners and operators were failing to take advantage of the turbine data already available to them, either through lack of access or an inability to integrate data into their organisation.

However, the majority of asset and operations managers attending the symposium said they used data for failure detection and prediction, with a similar proportion using it to better analyse performance – acknowledging the role turbine life extension has to play in improving long-term financial returns. Looking ahead to how vibration CMS can best be deployed across turbine assets, delegates pointed to the possibilities of applying it to monitor turbines blades and the condition of oil.

See the full poll results below:

Now we want to hear from you. If you didn’t manage to attend the symposium, then here’s your chance to voice your opinions. Click here to take part in the poll yourself and tell us more about the areas of wind energy O&M which need greatest focus, what actions are needed to improve fleet value and efficiency, what your current predictive analysis solutions are missing, and more.

ONYX InSight’s next Technical Symposium will be taking place on 18th-19th September in Denver, Colorado, USA. Click here for more information. Next year’s European Technical Symposium is scheduled for 27th-28th March in Manchester, UK – further details to follow.

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