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ONYX InSight Launches fleetMonitor 3.0

fleetMonitor Version 3.0 takes the pain away from going digital!

Release 3.0 of ONYX InSight’s fleetMonitor software is the latest iteration of our smart, secure and easy to integrate predictive analytics platform. It brings together relevant data from a diverse range of sources to support your Operations and Maintenance (O&M) decision-making, providing clarity and control right where you need it.

The new version of the platform continues to build real-world engineering knowledge into its advanced data analytics, using physics-based models to inform and enhance its algorithms.

Taking advantage of years of practical engineering experience and a flexible hardware/OEM independent approach to software architecture design, fleetMonitor is geared up to provide clear and actionable recommendations in the form of tailored reports and punch lists. It doesn’t simply tell you that something is happening – it tells you exactly what and when.

It also provides an entry point for a world-leading suite of monitoring and engineering services, which achieve best-in-class lead times and extend the useful life of components by as much as 25%. To date, the fleetMonitor platform has helped our clients reduce maintenance costs by up to 30% on over 5000 assets globally.

When it comes to data management, fleetMonitor‘s cloud-based service adheres to the highest security protocols, whilst providing you with full access to your data wherever you need it. It stores the data in a normalized and accessible format, and gives you the tools to visualize and interrogate them at different levels.

New and enhanced features of version 3.0 include:

  • Built-in, failure mode specific algorithms for detecting early-stage component damage from multiple data streams, e.g. vibration, temperature, lubrication and more.


  • Highly customizable auto-reporting features which facilitate scalable monitoring solutions – with the capability to auto-generate succinct punch-lists or more in-depth analysis reports in seconds.


  • An exhaustive list of adapters for integrating data across multiple technology platforms and OEMs – encompassing CMS, SCADA, CMMS, oil analysis reports and inspection reports.


  • Remaining useful life estimates. Take advantage of our engineering experience to forecast repair costs, improve budgeting and optimize maintenance planning.


  • Flexible service levels in the way that fits your need. We can give you software-only options if you have in-house expertise and need to scale it up, or do the heavy lifting for you with an all-inclusive monitoring solution. Alternatively, we can deliver a blended option to get you up to speed while ensuring you are in control over your assets throughout. In short, we make it work for you.

As before, fleetMonitor Version 3.0 is built on the latest modular architecture, which allows it to fit and utilize your existing systems.  This immediately gives you the means to make optimized, data-led O&M decisions – and enables you to quickly and easily accelerate your digital transformation.

Our goal is to make your big data work for you – not the other way around.

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