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How to streamline your CMS installation?

With much of the US covered in a fresh layer of April snow, it may feel like summer is still a long way off. But, for wind farm owners and their O&M teams, planning will already be well underway for one of the busiest periods of the year. At ONYX InSight, we’re gearing up too – since summer is  ecoCMSTM installation season.

What is ecoCMS?

ecoCMSTM is ONYX InSight’s new condition monitoring hardware offering, tailored specifically for the wind energy industry. This new technology has been developed to reduce the financial burden operators face in adopting a predictive maintenance strategy.

With the help of our monitoring engineers, the data generated from ecoCMS can be used to diagnose failures as they progress to help give advance warning to wind farm owners.

Making use of high-performance digital technology, it comes with 8 accelerometers, a speed sensor, and an optional debris sensor; a total of ten channels for most installations.

Ten channels of live data that allow our monitoring team – or your engineers – to detect failure signatures as they happen.

And ten channels of historical trend data that show how damage propagates, well before a component failure occurs.

You can read more about the technical specs of  ecoCMSTM– and how it fits into our platform of predictive maintenance services – here.

How do I make sure my CMS hardware is installed properly?

In the meantime, project managers looking to fit condition monitoring hardware during the summer will be focused on ensuring that this rollout is conducted as smoothly as possible.

But how will you know if an accelerometer is misplaced, a speed sensor is out of range, an Ethernet cable is damaged, an IP address is missing, or a connection is loose? And how can you ensure that these technical issues don’t affect your schedule?

With a view to streamlining the installation process, ONYX InSight has addressed these potential quality concerns in three ways. We start with rigorous work instructions guided by industry best practices and combine these with comprehensive customer/contractor training, and digital documentation using our inspection and service software, FieldProTM.

To ensure that the detailed work instructions are applicable for every turbine configuration out there, ONYX InSight engineers will always complete the first install for any new technology. This on-the-ground experience (combined with comprehensive photographic step-by-step instructions!) is the key to writing bulletproof installation guidelines. This is the first step to preventing many potential quality misses, and keeping the project on track.

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