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Implementing Fleet Monitor Realizes Substantial Net Gain for Cannon Power Group

Cannon Power Group are an independent leader and pioneer in the renewable energy industry. Part of executing their successful strategy to self-perform O&M at the Windy Flats II wind farm was to implement Fleet MonitorTM for predictive maintenance.

A study was performed to quantify the financial benefit after 2 years of this implementation. Fleet Monitor has allowed the consistent early detection of drivetrain faults and thereby a large impact on reducing the cost of failures. The study showed $1.2m in savings, thus the strategy has been a success. Each early fault detection provides savings in three principle ways:

  • Reduce the cost of repair by combining repairs on turbines into the same crane and labour schedule or by extending life
  • Reduce the likelihood of catastrophic failure such as cracked gearbox casings
  • Reduce the downtime from sudden failures that require shutdown

The study confirms that predictive maintenance reduces the cost of wind turbine gearbox bearing failures.

Read more about the customer analysis of net benefit here >>


The Cloud-Based Software allows the Site Team and Monitoring Team to Find Solutions and Maximize the Benefits of Predictive Maintenance for Wind Turbines

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