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New release of Fleet Monitor software brings big improvements in alarm workflow and SCADA analysis

We are pleased to announce the release of Fleet Monitor 2.2, the latest version of our hardware-brand-independent software platform for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Fleet Monitor is cloud hosted, so all our clients already have access to the new features. Fleet Monitor users assess over 4 GW of assets every day and feedback on the 2.2. release has been very positive.

New features in Fleet Monitor 2.2 include:

  • Workspaces – save your analysis charts, create automated reports and configure useful dashboard information based on any data source (vibration, SCADA, lubrication, etc.)
  • SCADA module – create alarms and trends based on any combination of SCADA tags; overlay SCADA trends on vibration and lubrication data.
  • Farm statistics – identify outliers using on-the-fly trending of any health indices relative to the wind farm average.
  • Alarm handling – link similar alarms and email alarm notifications to single or grouped email addresses.
  • Automatic alarm thresholding – sophisticated automatic thresholding and hysteresis to reduce false alarm rates.

Learn more about Fleet Monitor here…

Fleet Monitor combines vibration, SCADA, maintenance and inspection data for powerful diagnostics.

If you’re interested in learning more, we hosted a free webinar on December 6th. This webinar covers topics including how to detect faults in the drivetrain 6-24 months before a failure. See how the ONYX InSight team uses Fleet Monitor 2.2 to identify gear and bearing problems and assist wind farm owners/operators to reduce costs and plan major component repairs.

Early-stage detection of faults in main bearings and gearboxes

Presented by: Dr Samuel Wharton, Global Monitoring Team Leader, Neil MacDougall, Mechanical Engineer

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