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We like to use Fleet Monitor™ to make it easy for the monitoring engineers and site staff to work together to manage issues and ultimately reduce the cost of any failure.

How to make it easy

    • Share the dashboard so the site manager has complete transparency on asset health
    • Have all the historical reliability related data at your finger tips, forever
    • Only post real alarms for the site manager (don’t publish false alarms)
    • Track activity and comments on each issue with ease
    • Make it simple for site staff to post inspection reports and maintenance records

What do the timeline and activities around a failure look like?

The flowchart shows a typical case, which for bearings can often run over 6-18 months  (see here >> for typical detection lead times). Fleet Monitor streamlines and tracks the communication between site and monitoring staff and with Field Pro even allows the inspection report to be auto-generated and uploaded to the cloud as you step out of the tower. RomaxRepair, our time to failure model, provides the estimate of how long the asset can run, including the confidence interval. This allows the site to determine the best way to reduce the cost of failure and watch the progression day by day if needed.

Fleet Monitor has long been a software with deep technology for monitoring, now we are focused on adding dozens of simple features for convenience and ease of use for this workflow.

Example videos

Easy highlighting of a high speed bearing failure by comparing the problem turbine against the whole farm with scatter plots, heat maps and the standard deviation of the vibration trend:

Including maintenance activity dates and reports for a turbine with a high speed bearing failure.Overlaying data on vibration trends. Just one click to see activity on a trend and open past reports:

If you would like a personal demonstration of the Fleet Monitor wind farm condition monitoring software, email us at

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