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Launched: Affordable and Effective CMS

ecoCMS is launched! Finally, an affordable high-performance condition monitoring system for wind turbines

ONYX InSight is extremely proud to be launching ecoCMS!

We have been working in the field of condition monitoring for many years and have come to understand the requirements of CMS users very well. In fact, almost everyone we spoke to was frustrated at the high cost of CMS in the marketplace and were crying out for a more affordable piece of CMS hardware.

Over the last few years a lot has changed in the field of CMS and data acquisition. Firstly, the idea of putting ‘intelligence’ in the data acquisition box or in the sensors has proved to be unnecessary – this just drives up cost and the limitations on data storage and transmission are not relevant these days. Secondly, the explosion in embedded computing means that high performance systems can be deployed at very low cost, particularly compared to other condition monitoring systems in the market – many of which are based on outdated architectures.

We are embracing the philosophy of the ‘Internet of Things’ and ecoCMS communicates seamlessly with a whole range of other devices and platforms – ONYX InSight’s Fleet Monitor software for vibration and SCADA analysis; Field Pro mobile application for wind turbine inspections and servicing; particle counters and oil debris sensors. We plan to roll out more interfaces and modules as we continue to develop the new product.


Learn more about ecoCMS here >>

We have already installed dozens of ecoCMS on GE 1.5 MW, Vestas V80 2 MW, Siemens 2.3 MW and various sub-megawatt machines. This is an enviable track record for any CMS product – especially one that is just launching – and it has given us 100% confidence in the hardware and its damage detection capability. We look forward to installing many more systems over the next few months.

Want to know more?

Catch up with our on-demand ecoCMS webinar recording here >>

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