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Sharing Experiences for Rotating Machinery Problems from around the Globe

We hope to share our experiences to the wider industry through this forum, taking the knowledge we can impart from our many projects each year to help others in their problem solving.

One from the archive: Romax engineer’s tear down a gearbox for failure investigation and re-engineering (2012)

The rotating parts in a wind turbine sure do have problems sometimes, but all in all work pretty well, stuck up in the air with huge blades cantilevered out the front. The problems keep us at Romax quite busy as a core part of what we do is helping the industry to manage the cost of failures.

Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • Problem solving
  • Innovative ideas
  • Industry trends
  • Cool stuff

A little about Romax InSight


One from the archive: Romax Engineer’s dropped offshore for an end of warranty project (2010)

Romax InSight is the division at Romax that focus on the wind turbine from construction to end of life. InSight was spun out of Romax’s gearbox engineering and failure consulting group, around the time we were finishing our 15th gearbox design for wind turbines (2012). Our goal was to create a complete predictive maintenance platform, one that helped people manage the cost of failures and was something more than an old-school condition monitoring system. We found that by looking at the whole problem of managing data, resources and scheduling we were able to enable more efficient operations. Today we have realized this goal and continue to look for innovative ways to reduce cost by piecing together disparate technologies.

Ashley Crowther, Global VP InSight

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