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The Value of Temporary Instrumentation

Here’s a snap of Noah Myrent, one of our engineers, finishing of a main shaft bending torque measurement on a MHI 1000A wind turbine (2015). 

Recently we published an inFocus article with Wind Systems Magazine.

We asked our engineering team to write this: In conducting dozens of RCA’s and gearbox test projects every year they have built up a huge collection of equipment and techniques for measuring mechanical loads, vibration, motion, surface impressions and other important data to input into solving problems in wind turbine O&M. Good to share experiences.

See the article here about turbine instrumentation >>

InSight’s Portable Vibration System (PVS) is one measurement kit we routinely deploy to measure the vibration from main bearing, gearbox, generator and tower. (And recently automotive test stands, train carriage axle boxes, coal pulverisers, bucket excavators ….)

For more information about PVS see our datasheet >>

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